How Can I Use an iPad for Web Development and Programming?

Bug alert! But you’re on the road. All you have is your iPad, and maybe a Bluetooth keyboard. What to do? The Apple devs at Stack Exchange offer up some wisdom on developing on the road.

The iPad is my preferred computing device when I’m on the go. Sometimes I’ve got a Bluetooth keyboard with me, and sometimes I don’t. This may be crazy, but I would like to use my iPad for full-fledged web development and programming, and want I to know what my options are. Cloud9 seems to be nearly perfect for this in concept except for a fatal flaw: the web interface does not fully work with iPad browsers Safari or Chrome. You cannot, for example, double click to open files. What other options do I have? Ideally I would like to have command line access to my editor of choice (Vim), and be able to use web debugging tools like the developer tools in Chrome.

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